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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a biomarker? Why is it important?

A ‘biomarker’, or 'biological marker,’ is a health marker that provides an indication of your biological status.  In sports, biomarkers can be used to help you track how your body is responding to your training, nutrition, and recovery.

Where is testing currently available?

Testing is currently available in the following states:

  1. California
  2. Colorado 
  3. Florida
  4. Illinois
  5. Minnesota 
  6. Nevada
  7. New Jersey
  8. Texas


 To determine if testing is available in your area, and to sign up for email notifications, click here.

How can I find out when testing will be available in my area?

To sign up for email notifications and learn when Blueprint for Athletes will be available in your area, click here.

How do I get tested?

You can order your test at During the ordering process, you will be prompted to select a testing event location. Not all Quest locations perform Blueprint for Athletes testing so be sure to register for an event at a designated location when ordering.

What type of athlete does Blueprint for Athletes testing benefit?

Blueprint for Athletes is for committed athletes who want to get the best possible results from training. You are considered a committed athlete if you have performance goals that you are working to achieve.

Does Blueprint for Athletes sponsor athletes?

Blueprint for Athletes is committed to the success of athletes everywhere.  If you are a dedicated and influential athlete who is interested in potential sponsorship, please contact us. In your message please tell us who you are, what you train for, and include links to any social media profiles.

How does BFA differ from the blood test that my doctor orders?

Blueprint for Athletes is for highly motivated athletes that want to optimize their performance. Rather than using blood tests to screen for diseases like diabetes or hypothyroidism, Blueprint for Athletes focuses on biomarkers used in sports science to understand adaptations to training. Insights and interpretations in your personalized results relate to sports performance outcomes. Every individual should maintain an ongoing dialogue with their physician about health and wellness. That may include testing, including biomarker testing, recommended by your doctor to support your health goals.

I am training for a marathon. Should I use the Performance or Endurance test package?

The performance and endurance tests can be combined to provide training insights into your oxygen carrying capacity, fuel status, hydration and recovery.  If you can only do one test, try to think about your personal training weaknesses. If recovery is a struggle, then the Performance test may be a better choice for you. If finishing long training runs is a challenge, then the Endurance package may be the better choice.

Is the food allergen test the same as the ELISA food allergy test?

Our food allergen testing measures levels of food-specific IgE antibodies in the blood via the ImmunoCAP method. Using similar principles to an ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), ImmunoCAP quantifies the amounts of immune proteins in the blood by specific antibody binding followed by a detection enzyme. IgE-based testing is considered to be the gold standard for suspected food allergies.

If I order multiple packages with overlapping markers, will those markers be tested more than once?

No.  If you order packages that have overlapping markers, we will only test that marker once.  Package pricing automatically adjusts when this occurs. 

How are the results from the test and the information actionable?

The test results reveal what your body is trying to tell you. Blueprint for Athletes is serving as your body’s translator.

With some health markers, results from testing may fall within the “normal” range; in that case, there may be no action required. In other cases, as an athlete’s body goes through adaptation process during a training regimen, results may suggest certain modifications. 

Let’s say your body is “tired.” Health marker testing can determine whether you are tired – or whether you are actually fatigued, or overtraining.  That helps with athletes and coaches decide if they need to adjust active/resting weeks around to facilitate better adaptation to stress.

Testing can also identify environmental allergens or food allergies, which can be mitigated. Ultimately, the insights lead to a better workout and a reduced risk of injury that can help improve performance.

How long does it take to get the personalized report?

Depending on configuration that you choose, it will take between two and four weeks to receive the report. Certain tests may add a few additional days.

What happens if my results are considered critical?

Our Priority Result Reporting Policy includes special notification for results that may require attention prior to regular delivery of results. The priority result reporting is in addition to the regular reporting procedures for all test results. 

Priority-1 test results include, but are not limited to, results considered “critical” according to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Laboratory Accreditation Program and so designated by the Chief Laboratory Officer or designee. Because test results cannot be fully interpreted without knowledge of the patient’s current clinical condition and treatment, we will use reasonable efforts to promptly communicate Priority-1 results so that you can work with your healthcare provider to determine the clinical implications and possible need for immediate attention.

You will receive a phone call from one of our providers at PWN Health. The provider will identify him/herself as calling from PWN Health on behalf of Quest Diagnostics and ask you to verify your date of birth. Once your identity has been verified by your DOB, the provider will discuss with you the test that resulted in a critical value.

My general physician is able to recommend and order similar blood tests for me. Why do I need Blueprint for Athletes?

Every individual should maintain an ongoing dialogue with their physician about health and wellness. That may include testing, including biomarker testing, recommended by your doctor to support your health goals.

Blueprint for Athletes is a product that is specific to athletes, both professional and amateur. Blueprint for Athletes is unique because athletes get an analysis of health-markers, carefully-chosen by our specialized Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, along with sport-specific insights that are most relevant to sports science and human performance.

How is this product different from what I can already get at my health club?

Your health club may offer services such as cardio assessment and metabolic testing. Those are important measures of health. But data without context is not as useful for committed athletes. Blueprint for Athletes testing goes beyond that to provide data to athletes in the context of sports: the report includes details on what the biomarkers are, how they relate to the sport, and within what ranges athletes should seek improvement.

Would I need to retest?

One-time testing provides a real-time health snapshot. Many athletes test over a period of time in order to compare their results, to see how their training modifications have impacted their results evolved over time. But the decision depends on the type of training regimen and goals.

The average seasoned endurance athlete trains for six months; depending on configuration and results, endurance athletes may want to test as seldom as once or twice, or as often as three to six times.

Athletes with chronic medical conditions should consult and work with their physician as part of their training. 

Is covered by insurance?

At this time, Blueprint for Athletes is not covered by insurance, but it may be covered as a qualified medical expense by your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HAS).  Please check with your provider for eligibility.

Do I need to fast before my test?

Some markers in your test are affected by the food that you eat before the test.  That is why we recommend that you schedule your test in the morning after an overnight fast (but drink plain water at your leisure) in order to best interpret and monitor your results.   Some tests that may be affected by prior food intake include glucose, iron, cholesterols, triglycerides, TSH and GGT (affected by alcohol and smoking).

Can I work out after my blood draw?

While a typical blood donation may require more time for recovery, in most cases, your body should be able to recover quickly enough physiologically, as to not affect your training schedule.  However, everyone is different, so see how you feel first.  Also, be sure to rehydrate and drink plenty of fluids.  This can help you to replenish the small decreases in plasma volume that you might experience.  Plasma volume recovers quickly.

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